Quickly give all levels of your staff the necessary tools to write consistent, concise, and clear business communications. Designed to fit your busy schedule, our course, Editing for the 21st Century, is based on 15 years of teaching effective writing and editing skills.

We customize this course based on your specific style requirements—or we can develop them for you. Long after the course is completed, your staff will have the education and documentation so communications continue to convey a consistent, cohesive voice. 

Course highlights include:

  • Tools and techniques to significantly improve documentation.
  • Building an awareness of common mistakes made during documentation development.
  • Writing clear, concise, and consistent copy.
  • Using proofreader's marks and why it is important to know them.
  • A variety of exercises such as active and passive voice, wordiness, inflated language, buried verbs, deadwood, latinisms, detached modifiers, and much more.
  • Understanding the importance of formatting.
  • How to uncover information that can be replaced with graphics.
  • Learn how the rules have changed and why some of the rules you learned should be ignored.
  • Reviewing the rules for the most common inconsistencies—commas, hyphenation, numbers, acronyms, and lists.
  • Effective use of your spell checker and the Fog Index/Readability statistics
  • Discover why you shouldn't rely on electronic tools and how to check writing without them.
  • How to make editorial decisions: "How do you know when to leave text in or take it out?"
  • How to produce winning documentation under the strictest deadlines.
  • Style Guides: What does house style mean and how do they ensure consistency.
  • Valuable reference tools.
  • Style Guides: What does house style mean and how do they ensure consistency.
  • Learning the value of using templates and considerations for developing new ones.
  • Audience analysis and how it influences editorial decisions.

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